A Peek Into Our Rigorous Vendor Approval Program

We call it a Hazard Analysis Review

Raw herbs
Raw herbs

Because no matter how good your sources are all ingredients and companies have inherent hazards and it is our duty to protect our customers from these, and to provide the best ingredients available from the best sources.


Risk Level
Risk Level

Priority One maintains a robust hazard analysis program that reviews the potential for risks associated with each manufacturer of ingredients following NSF guidelines.

First, four members of our quality team review the quality program of a potential vendor, utilizing physical audits, interviews, testing method validations, and background checks for past or current regulatory issues.

Next, all compiled information is brought to a classification session. During this session, a review of the documents and ingredients supplied by the potential vendor is conducted.

Diagram of risk
Diagram of risk

Potential hazards are proposed such as country of origin, inherent ingredient hazards (mold, E. coli, Salmonella…) or economical adulteration potentials.

After all potential hazards have been agreed upon and classified, the probability of such hazards occurring is determined, using a classification from frequent (1 in 5 purchases) all the way down to extremely unlikely ( 1 in 10,000 purchases). These are determined by scientific methods, observations, real-life testing protocols, and industry inside knowledge of economically generated adulterations. Last, using the severity and probability, a risk level is determined.

By determining the risks and risks levels of a potential vendor we can identify testing protocols and mitigations even for the best of vendors to ensure that they maintain their quality standards, and by validating their quality before they are approved for use we are able to eliminate substandard vendors and their ingredients from our process.

Remember your end result is only ever as good as the sum total of the quality of your ingredients.


Danielle S. Baumgart, President

Priority One Nutritional Supplements Inc

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