Guest Blog: SIBO – “Gut Health, Real Estate, and Too Much of a Good Thing”


Gut Health, Real Estate, and Too Much of a Good Thing       

Dr. Autumn W. Farr, M.S., N.D.

Our body has a natural symbiotic relationship with our environment.  We eat food and absorb nutrients, we drink water and hydrate our cells, and we interact with people and develop relationships.  A change in any of these determinants of health can shift our body into a physical, chemical, or emotional imbalance.

We also have a unique relationship with the microscopic bacteria that naturally inhabit our intestinal tract.  An imbalance in this bacteria can also cause us to experience a shift in mental-emotional-physical health.  One example of bacterial imbalance includes Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).  This overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine crowds out the healthy gut flora and interferes with natural digestive processes such as nutrient absorption, waste elimination, and energy metabolism.  As a result, SIBO can lead to nutrient deficiencies, toxin overload, low energy, and a variety of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.  Bacteria can be beneficial to healthy digestion, but only under the parameters of the right type, the right amount, and the right location.


SIBO symptoms can present in a variety of ways.  The overpopulation of intestinal bacteria can cause digestive complaints such as abdominal pain, gas, bloating, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea.  The shift in energy metabolism and the depletion of nutrients can contribute to headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and a generalized thought that you don’t quite feel like “yourself.”  Weight changes, skin breakouts, and musculoskeletal pain are also part of the SIBO symptom profile.  Due to the broad range of symptoms, other diagnoses are often pursued before arriving at the correct diagnosis of SIBO.


The bacteria in the digestive tract produce hydrogen gas and methane gas.  Breath tests are used to measure and analyze the gases that are produced by the bacteria.  These breath tests can be used to diagnose SIBO as well as to guide treatment plans and to monitor outcomes.  Stool tests can show the profile of organisms in the digestive tract, allowing for targeted treatment of the specific bacteria that contribute to the imbalance.


Treatment of SIBO often involves a strict nutrition plan and appropriate supplementation as well as promotion of healthy bowel elimination patterns and prevention of SIBO recurrence.  The beauty of naturopathic medicine is the commitment to discovering the cause of an imbalance in health.  The cause of SIBO may be an underlying imbalance in gut chemistry, nutrition, lifestyle patterns, and environmental factors.  Structuring an appropriate treatment plan with therapeutic nutrition, supplementation, and elimination patterns may help to relieve symptoms.  Determination of the original cause of SIBO overgrowth in each individual will be vital to preventing recurrence.


The intestinal lining of our gut is valuable real estate.  Ideally, we want to fill that space with organisms that are beneficial for our body as a whole.  Imbalance or overcrowding can compromise the structure, the function, and the integrity of that area.  This is an excellent reminder for us to be mindful of our own personal “real estate” of body, mind, and spirit.  True health begins when we make a conscious decision to fill our time, our space, and our mind with meaningful relationships, healthy nutrition, and mindful lifestyle practices.


  • Work with professional medical providers to optimize your nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices.
  • Restore your digestive tract so that you can feel happy, healthy, and balanced.
  • Make space in your life for healthy choices, a healthy lifestyle, and healthy relationships.

Dr. Autumn W. Farr is a board-certified naturopathic physician with a medical practice in Bellingham, WA. She uses a unique combination of nutritional biochemistry, constitutional homeopathy, and naturopathic modalities to help people to feel their best.

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  • Insulin
  • Low-carb diets and how they apply to different food groups
  • Lifestyle factors, including exercise, stress management, and the microbiome
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  • Pediatric diabetes

An indispensable resource, Master Your Diabetes will empower readers to take control of their condition and continue living full, active, enjoyable, and long lives.

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Biofilms role in today’s health.

What is a BioFilm?

Biofilms are little communities of organisms in your body that join forces to avoid elimination. The protective coating they form is officially called a polymer matrix, which is like a “force field” or barrier that keeps drugs like antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals or any other antimicrobial from being effective in removing them. They are a huge concern in the medical community at the moment, however, many patients and physicians don’t even know about them. 

Biofilms are capable of adapting to many environments and thus can be found in all parts of the body. These areas include teeth, sinuses, tonsils, eustachian tubes of the middle ear and the intestines. Biofilms in the intestines can lead to chronic digestive and allergic responses often seen in difficult cases.

Immune Imbalance

The immune system is responsible for attacking, controlling and eliminating biofilms. In healthy individuals, this happens regularly, however, in susceptible individuals, biofilms can take hold and begin to wreak havoc on the whole body, specifically the immune system.


By launching an attack on the biofilms via immune cells (macrophages, natural killer cells, cytotoxic T cells and T lymphocytes) the body also creates a significant amount of inflammation. What happens then is the immune system shifts to what we call a TH2 dominant state with the TH1 cells in a lowered state. By shifting to TH2 dominance, the body is then unable to launch a full TH1 attack and eliminate the biofilm. It is most likely constantly battling the biofilm, but simply doesn’t have enough strength to eliminate it.

A TH2 dominant state is very common in many conditions. The TH2 dominant state is what we find in many people with traditional allergies. If you have an overactive TH2 dominant system, you will tend to have food allergies and sensitivities or airborne allergies and an increase in histamine release. This may even be confused with histamine intolerance. Some things that may push someone towards TH2 dominance include genetic predisposition, toxic substances and heavy metal exposure.

Biofilms and the Gut

One of the reasons you may have biofilms in the first place is due to early exposure to antibiotics. There are actually good biofilms that can be destroyed by antibiotics. These good biofilms and healthy gut flora provide a natural type of defense to foreign invaders.   Without the good biofilms as a defense mechanism, bad biofilms can proliferate and destroy the gut lining and increase permeability, a term commonly coined as “leaky gut”. With leaky gut, the intestinal barrier is compromised and allows substances to move into the bloodstream. By allowing different substances into the bloodstream, inflammation begins and things such as food allergies and sensitivities eventually alter the health of the immune system. The leaky gut will lead us to a TH2 dominant state as I mentioned above. Leaky gut also can slow down digestion, decrease toxin clearance and initiate proinflammatory chemicals.

Clinical Research

Research in gut health and immune system responses to permeable gut linings are revealing significantly new understandings into how these natural defenses work. This new research also helps us learn how to support the body’s ability to maintain a balanced and healthy gut flora.  

Dr. Paul S. Anderson is on the leading forefront of biofilm research and education.  

We are excited to announce that we have received exclusive access to Dr. Paul Anderson’s webinar on BioFilms, worth $59.00 – and are offering it to you for FREE!

Visit this page for more information.

Good health to you!

Danielle Baumgart, President

Priority One Nutritional Supplements Inc.

Magnesium Orotate recently featured in Readers Digest article

Dr. John Nowicki
Orotic acid is a biochemical substance made by all living cells. The mineral salts of orotic acid, called orotates, are used by plants and animals to form RNA and DNA. Perhaps the biggest proponent in the use of orotates was Dr. Hans Nieper, a German physician whose treatments were denounced by many American physicians. Nieper believed orotates were far superior in their ability to carry molecules across cell membranes, producing higher concentrations of minerals in the cell.
Dr. Nieper used orotates as treatments for many conditions. During his lifetime, Dr. Nieper was often ignored and criticized for his use of oratates. Recent research, however, has confirmed that for certain conditions, minerals bound to oratic acid are not only beneficial, but may be superior in their bioavailability and effectiveness.
Magnesium orotate is a mineral salt that is normally found in lesser amounts in all living things.
Magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of the brain, nerves, and muscles. It acts as a smooth muscle relaxant, promotes healthy glucose metabolism, and acts as a cofactor to enzymes in many biochemical reactions.1
It is essential for cellular energy production, nerve conduction, cardiac function, bone mineralization, and muscle relaxation. Magnesium may be beneficial in reducing occasional anxiety, promoting sleep, and decreasing muscle tension and occasional pain.
A 1998 study showed that triathletes who supplemented with magnesium orotate had improved glucose utilization and a reduced stress response without affecting competitive potential. This translated into improved swimming, cycling, and running times in the magnesium orotate group compared with the controls.2 Competitive athletes have also used magnesium orotate to improve endurance.
Many studies have been performed examining the role of magnesium orotate in cardiovascular health. Magnesium orotate has been shown to improve endothelial function, and exercise tolerance, studies have shown favorable effects of oral magnesium orotate to left ventricular function and exercise tolerance,4 as well as increasing survival rate and improving clinical symptoms and patient’s quality of life 3.
It is believed that magnesium orotate improves the energy status of heart muscle by stimulating the synthesis of glycogen and ATP.5
Dr. Carolyn Dean

Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of “The Magnesium Miracle,” asserts that changes in our diets and the way in which food is processed have left many of us with deficient levels of the nutrient magnesium. Magnesium orotate is one compound that has been used effectively to treat magnesium deficiency and its associated symptoms. In magnesium orotate, magnesium is bound to oratic acid.  the mineral is absorbed very efficiently by your body. Magnesium orotate can be used to improve sleep, as it inhibits some “stress” hormones like adrenalin.  Magnesium orotate supports good hydration of your body by helping to regulate the flow of sodium and potassium through your cells.

“Magnesium deficiency is one of the most underrated minerals, but it’s involved in literally hundreds of your body’s functions. Pay attention to it, and your body will thank you.” According to author: Alexandra Whiitaker
Magnesium Orotate recently featured in Readers Digest article Cheaper and Safer Than Prescription Drugs
Magnesium orotate is magnesium salt bound to orotic acid. It’s the most easily absorbed form of magnesium and passes easily through the cells in your body, especially when compared with other types of magnesium. If you need magnesium supplementation, as most people do because the standard American diet often lacks foods high in magnesium, magnesium orotate from Priority One is the most bioavailable Magnesium Orotate on the market get your bottle today!
1 Marz, Russell. Medical Nutrition from Marz. Portland: Omni-Press, 1997.
2 Golf SW, Bender S, Grüttner J. On the significance of magnesium in extreme physical stress. Cardiovasc Drugs Ther. 1998 Sep; 12 Suppl 2:197-202.
3 Stepura OB, Martynow AI. Magnesium orotate in severe congestive heart failure (MACH). Int J Cardiol. 2009 May 1;134(1):145-7.
4 Geiss KR, Stergiou N, Jester, Neuenfeld HU, Jester HG. Effects of magnesium orotate on exercise tolerance in patients with coronary heart disease. Cardiovasc Drugs Ther. 1998 Sep;12 Suppl 2:197-202.
5 Classen, HG. Magnesium orotate–experimental and clinical evidence. Rom J Intern Med. 2004; 42(3):491-501.

Cherries and summer go hand and hand…

Hello everyone!

Strawberries ripening on the vine.

Summer has finally arrived and many of us have brushed off the moss (at least for us, Pacific North Westerners) strawberries are ripening and the cherry trees are teaming with growing cherries.

Cherries ripening on a branch.


I love cherries I try every year to beat the birds to our trees and make at least one cherry pie for my husband, but the race is on again. I check every morning to see if they are ready.  (I will include my cherry pie recipe at the end of this post for those who’d like to try it)!

Cherries and summer go hand and hand, did you know that cherries naturally reduce levels of uric acid in the body?1,2

Uric acid is a naturally occurring acid in the body but when it is present in high-levels it can contribute to the painful temporary deposits on joint surfaces.

These deposits can be brought about by a variety of factors, one of which is an abrupt temporary rise in serum uric acid levels. This in turn can be secondary to several environmental issues that are part of our summer fun; travel, especially air travel, hiking or other outdoor adventures, BBQ’s and alcohol can all lead to dehydration and concentration of uric acid.  One episode and your summer fun can all but be ruined.  So here are some summer tips for you:

First hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! As I am writing this I am sitting in an airport lounge waiting for yet another flight (road warriors hear me now) I woke up at 4 am for my first flight and promptly forwent my usual first thing first coffee before functioning, for WATER, yes water should always be what I start with but that’s another story for another day.

After security sparkling water and a coffee finally, 60 minute plane ride = 20 ounces of more water.  With breakfast water, and now almost boarding for my next leg and a 20 ounce organic herbal tea!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

So what am I saying? Drink Your Water! Not only does it dilute the temporary uric acid spikes but it makes your skin look so much better! Believe me you don’t want to be that flyer that ages ten years during your flight.

Second, watch that alcohol, it doesn’t mean you can’t imbibe but do so wisely, alternate between drinks with water, apply the social drinking rule of no more than one drink an hour.

Red Wine

Did you know that the type of alcohol you choose also makes a difference? Beer is the biggest culprit, with spirits coming in better, and as always my favorite wine is the best choice for keeping your healthy uric acid levels within the normal range.

Sweet fresh cherries.


Finally, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, low inflammation foods, and of course healthy doses of cherries!



If you would like an alternative for when cherries are not in season check out our new UA Clear.

UA Clear has been formulated by Dr. John Hahn, it boasts VitaCherry® a standardized extract of sour cherry containing powerful anthocyanins, which give cherries their distinctive red color.

I hope you enjoy the following Baumgart Summer Cherry Pie

Danielle Baumgart, President


Announcement & Collaborations

I am so excited to announce two huge collaborations for Priority One.

As many of you may know my philosophy has always been that gleaning knowledge from entrenched hands of physicians is the best way to develop and study cutting edge formulations.  We have worked with many respected physicians throughout the years on the development of some of our most beloved formulations. Continuing on this voyage we are proud to announce two exiting projects in 2017!

First we have formed an exclusive relationship with Dr. Mona Morstein for the development of her ground breaking formulation Diamend!

If you are not yet familiar with her work with patients to maintain healthy #glucose levels then please visit her website and read her Bio at  and on her website It’s fascinating! @YourAIMSolutions @DrMonaMorstein 

She has been featured in #NDNR and will be featured in the #TownsendLetter soon discussing her support for patients striving to achieve healthy lifestyles and beat back the “American Diet”  See our website for more information on Diamend for maintaining normal glucose.

Secondly, we are pleased to announce our continued relationship with Dr. Paul S. Anderson – Medical Director of Advanced Medical Therapies, CEO as a professor who speaks worldwide he continues to share his expertise in #oncology, #chronicillness, #IVtherapy #genomicconditions #autoimmune and #infectiousdisorders.

ConsultDrAnderson is a valuable peer supported information to help naturopathic students with board exams, support for complex clinical cases and protocols, webinars, blog, and his most current research.

If these were not enough Dr. Paul Anderson has taken his expertise to another level in developing a new revolutionary industry changing conference series. Advanced Applications in Medical Practice or AAMP. Priority One is proud to be a sponser of this event in two locations this year Scottdale, AZ this month and Portland, OR in October. This new series of conferences enables physicians to elevate their educational learning to another level, beyond just the basics. This conference is offering case study discussions, evening workshops, webinars, Q&A, think tank break outs, and so much more. 

Dr. Paul S. Anderson has developed two new products for us Methyl Balance and Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced both of which have been used in his clinic. As an international lecturer on #SIBO, #oncology support and #methylation with clinical data to support his findings, he is a leader in this field of medicine.

These two amazing cutting edge formulations are just what you’ve been looking for!

Research is showing that small intestine bacterial overgrowth is a subject that many physicians are keenly interested in, and one that is sure to impact your practice and patients even more as awareness grows.  We were privileged to attend the recent SIBO convention in Lombard, Illinois where Dr. Anderson was a leading speaker on the subject.

More exciting events are coming from Priority One this spring!   We are eagerly looking forward to the opening of our newly expanded laboratory the end of this month.  Check back for pictures soon!

As always wishing good health to you!

Danielle Baumgart, President

Danielle S. Baumgart, President

Healthy travel, is it possible?

In an earlier post I promised to fill you in on some of my travel tips!  So here you are:

Chemometrics Training, Boulder CO

Healthy travel, is it possible?  Whether you travel for work, or exclusively for pleasure (grumbling road warriors insert jealously here) You know how difficult it is to maintain your healthy lifestyle while away from home.  Who of us doesn’t look forward to that beach vacation, or exploring the national parks or that dreamed of wine tour in Tuscany?  Yep wine again, it is a reoccurring theme in my life!  Anyways, we all long for that relaxation but what happens to your routine? Are you dealing with food sensitivity or worse full blown allergies?  Or even if you just strive to maintain a clean eating style it can feel nearly impossible to navigate these needs while traveling.

And yes you road warriors, we know the looks people give you when you

These are the work pictures that do not get me sympathy! Phoenix AZ

are off on yet “another trip” your fellow pleasure traveling friends and family jokingly tease you for your hard job requirements, and oh if only they could travel for work, life would be so exciting!  Exciting you repeat to yourself as you negotiate airport food courts, mediocre hotels restaurants and yet another “salad bar” while trying to maintain a semblance of health during your working day.

One of my adults  with me on a road trip to Joshua Tree National Forest! Route 66

So what is the answer?  During the past twenty years (yikes I don’t like the sound of that) my travel requirements have increased. Now most of this is my own fault, but during the early years of our business I was raising small children and the thought of being away even more from them was out of the question for me, so I strive to limit my business  travel to essential needs only.  Now that I am a proud owner of two adults (just kidding, but seriously your children are your best investment and more expensive than a mortgage) My husband and I have not only agreed to more business travel, but have thrown in much need pleasure travel in the mix.  I’ve included some of our fun highlights from the past couple of years, at the end of this post.

So what are my go to musts for healthy travel?  Here is my list feel free to reply with your tips

  1. Plan ahead. I always look to see if I can possible find a room with a small kitchenette, now this used to be almost impossible, but now days with Airbnb, and Homeaway, rarely do I have to settle for being cooped up in a blah hotel room with restaurant food being my only choice.
  2. For example in October I attended the Supplyside West Expo in Las
    Natural Products Expo Anaheim CA

    Vegas, now if Vegas is a first for you go ahead and get that neon sign flashing, casino real feeling hotel room with 24 hour everything! But if this isn’t your first rodeo in Vegas then opt for an off strip Airbnb, or studio apartment like I did. Taxi ride to the convention center was 5 minutes, I couldn’t walk from my hotel room to the convention floor in that short of time, plus I avoided all the smoke-filled casino floors during my commute!

  3. Next be savvy and look up online grocery stores before you go, it only takes a few minutes to open an account with Von’s, or Safeway, or any number of the grocery delivery places and presto food delivered to your new home away from home. Sure I still eat out but now it’s a treat! And not to mention if you are a water freak like me those water bottles on the convention floors cost 8 dollars! Bring your own and soak up the hydration and save your money for that glass of wine later.
  4. Next, plan ahead for triggers. You know what I mean, if you are on a strict gluten free diet and you are traveling chances are you are going to get accidently #glutened, or maybe you deal with inflammation from dairy, proteins, or other dietary triggers.  What can you do besides eschewing all forms of social eating and drinking? Well here is my tried and true list of products that I keep in my travel rescue pack:
  • General inflammation – Priority Zyme ( I take two to four on an empty stomach daily while traveling)
  • Gluten Exposure- Gluten Resolve taken two ways take three capsules within 30 minutes of eating anywhere you may be accidently exposed to gluten, or if you’ve been #glutened immediately take three capsules with a full glass of water. ( I see discomfort start to diminish within 15-20 minutes) I also call this product “The social life safer”
  • Indigestion – Hypo Gest This is our strongest digestive aid with two phase breakdown built in. The enzymes are released in PH sensitive phases to digest both in the stomach and the lower intestine for quick relief.  (If you are vegetarian I suggest Gastri-Gest it is an amazing fungal based enzyme for digestive aid.
  • B-12 Rapid Shot – Now this is my secret weapon for travel, it works so much better than coffee, or those terrible energy drinks. One or two of these delicious chewable tablets gives me pep for the rest of a show or late meeting.
  • And on the other side, REM if you have ever had to deal with jet lag this little number helps tremendously! Or even if you just don’t sleep well in a different bed, it really helps.
  • Bio-Vegetarian– Last but NEVER least! Germs Germs Germs! How many times have you been perfectly fine then the day after a plane ride your throat is scratchy, your nose is running and your afraid your trip is now in danger? Bio Vegetarian before and during travel will boost that immune system and stave off those unwanted symptoms!

I really mean make a rescue pack and have it ready for your carry on.  I use a travel makeup bag with a zipper.  I also include ibuprofen, band aids, natural eye drops, lip balm, and a  couple of  black tea bags, (to use on your eyes when puffy) Just restock when you get home.

The bottom line is you can be healthy when you travel, if you are traveling for pleasure your rescue bag can be packed and unpacked as needed, but take a few moments and plan ahead, it will make that next trip so much more enjoyable!  Since travel is a huge area of interest I will be updating you again on other tips I’ve found that help keep me on track even when I’m off the beaten path, until next time…..

Good Health to You!

Danielle Baumgart, President

Danielle S. Baumgart, President





Highlights as promised!

Ice Pemberton Ice Fields B.C Canada
Beijing, China Great Wall and new friends!
Yes we hiked all the way to the top!
Speaking on dietary supplement testing and GMP regulations for foreign suppliers importing the United States.
JASIS Show in Tokyo, Japan
Biking off road through Washington State (WBDR)
Husband and I on the Sea to Ski Gondola in Squamish B.C Canada

Spring Cleaning

Welcome to March!

Can you believe we are almost to spring again? If you are like me you are itching to get out in your yard, garden, patio, or community garden space

Young Plant in Spring

and get your hands into some beautiful dark soil!  Why do we as humans crave such beauty in dirt? The feel of that soil in your gloved hand, the carefully prepared mulch and compost that you’ve been saving for months for just the right time.  Ummm, spring, planting and new growth.  

Many of us use spring for cleaning our interiors, our office space, our email accounts,  and especially our bodies!  Here is to all of your fresh green starts this spring!  I thought you might be intereste
d in some of my spring projects, maybe it will motivate you to get your spring on!  

While my husband and I strive to have a clean eating lifestyle all year long ( when my kids were young there favorite complaint was  “Do we have to have salmon again?”)

Once a year in February or March depending on our work/travel schedule we step up our routine.  I am not a fan of fads and I refuse to drink only lemon water and cayenne pepper or to only drink green juice for days in the hopes of cleansing out all my prior errors!  

Here is what one of these restart months as I like to call them looks like for us:

One month of MORE  organic vegetables, fruit, berries,  beans, sustainable fish, nuts, chia, flaxseed, Greek yogurt, coconut water, and lots of specialty teas and my favorite pure sparkling water with fresh lemon, cucumber, or lime slices!  Doesn’t that sound delicious?

I am not going to innumerate what we “don’t eat” because it doesn’t matter, after a week of eating exclusively like this, my skin feels better, my energy is up, and I’m sleeping better than ever, so really it doesn’t matter what I can’t eat, we are full and satisfied, usually with every meal.

Don’t get me wrong, anyone who knows me understands that this list is missing my favorite indulgence, Wine! But one month of giving some love to my liver is the least I can do for all the work it does for me!  

Also since I have a strong history of inflammation my supplement regimen also gets an uptick with extra doses of Priority One’s Priority Lipo, Vitamin D3 3000 (this pale skin of mine is a reminder that yes we live in the #PNW) EPA/DHA, and my go to favorites that I never leave town without Hypo Gest, and Priority Zyme.  The last two are life saviors for me.  I will not travel without them, actually I don’t leave for the office (3 minutes from my house without them)  Look for upcoming posts on my essential tips for healthy travel coming up.  

All this internal cleansing really motivates us, I’ve already printed my vegetable garden plan ( Love this app! I’ve even braved the snow and pruned my roses, and grapes!

No matter what or where you find yourself in your health journey you can start fresh today. Every day can be your new spring beginning!

Good Health to You!

Danielle S. Baumgart, President


NUNM stands for National University of Natural Medicine

NUNM stands for National University of Natural Medicine formerly NCNM (National College of Natural Medicine)

Priority One has a long standing relationship with NUNM and continues to support the efforts of the naturopathic students seeking an education as a naturopathic physician.


This school was founded in 1956 and is the oldest North American program accredited by the Council of Naturopathic Medical Education. NUNM is one of 7 accredited naturopathic schools which meet both federal and academic standards. For over 50 years they have been offering ground-breaking naturopathic medical education.

NUNM is located in the #pacificnorthwest city of Portland, OR  just a hop, skip and jump away from our headquarters in WA.

Many well respected physicians that are today’s leaders are the alumni of the NUNM program. They have proven their ability to heal and paved the way through a time period in history when they were not as respected as today. They are now protecting naturopathic medicine by educating the next generations. Their ‘pearls of wisdom’ will be passed down. One of the ways they are accomplishing this is through the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project supported by NUNM. Priority One was the first company to embrace this project and supported it annually for many years. We look forward to the final textbook that will be essential to all naturopathic students to come, passing on these pearls of wisdom. Proven, Paved, Protecting, Pearls = #WiseNDPearls

Priority One has sponsored many events and continues to be a silver sponsor of NUNM, continuing our support to advance NUNM for future generations. For decades #NiftyDude George Bynum represented Priority One on campus and was privileged to meet and work with many of you. He truly is honored to be apart of the naturopathic community. We are proud to have him represent us for over 25 years.


NUNM offers 8 community outreach clinics this truly shows how much they care for the community of Portland, and the dedication of students that choose NUNM.

Look for Priority One’s tree on campus sponsered in 2006 and growing nicely. We look forward to watching it mature on campus while it provides a natural green area.

Priority One has had a student representative on campus for many years. Our current representative for the 2016-2017 calendar year is Emma Petshow. 

If you are a student look for Emma’s tabling events on campus to get your catalog, samples and student specials. You may also fill out the student form on our website to open an account.

Newest achievements:

NUNM leading the way in research with the Helfgott Institute 

The Oregon Health Authority recognizes our Health Centers as providing “the gold standard of care”

Learn more about NUNM.

Are you interested in other checking out the other naturopathic colleges? AANMC can help.

Hazard Analysis – Environmental Testing

Environmental testing for microbiological bioburden hazards is an integral part of the testing program designed by Priority One. Introduction of microbial adulterants during holding or processing is monitored utilizing USP Method 1116 for continued evaluation of microbial limits in controlled areas. This method was adopted by Priority One voluntarily, from the pharmaceutical codes. Dietary supplement regulations do not require this, but we believe it is imperative for quality.

Large plantation of medicinal plants Echinacea purpurea

Organic and Whole herbs are subjected to irradiating, and ETO(a pesticide) for sterilization in many cases.  Even though irradiation is not approved by the United States and the European Union, it still is prevalent, especially in “organic “ materials due to their naturally high microbial contents.

Fresh Herbs

Priority One guarantees that all our botanical’s are radiation-free. Unlike many of our competitors, we have a standard monitoring program to insure that no radiation is used in the sterilization of our botanical’s. When sterilization is needed, we use a dry-steam technology or other non-destructive technologies. (Note: only whole unprocessed herbs require treatment, and only when their total aerobic counts are found to be out of compliance.)

Priority One was one of the first companies to recognize the danger of wild crafted herbs. We use our international sources to achieve the ultimate benefit of natively grown plant sustainably cultivated  in its natural habitat. This has lessened the use of pesticides or fertilizers. While protecting endangered herbs.

Every day worldwide 2500 acres of raw land are disturbed by man. According to GSA Today  as of 1995, ~43% of Earth’s surface area had experienced human-induced degradation (Daily, 1995). Ellis and Ramankutty (2008) concluded that more than 75% of Earth’s ice-free land area could no longer be considered wild. Of earth’s ice-free land area, 83% is likely directly influenced by human beings (Sanderson et al., 2002). Our pollutants affect plant and animal physiology worldwide (McKibben, 1989, e.g., p. 38, 58)

Needless to say the world’s gene pool of wild herbs is dwindling.  By searching out strong stable international connections Priority One maintains eco friendly sources for our formulations.  Lending our support to companies that are good stewards of the earth, such as Naturex who has a proven record of sustainability-program-principles.

We have developed an industrial networking relationship with international companies who have developed unique complex systems for animal health, environmentally responsible botanical harvesting, and 100% radiation free sterilization techniques.

Diagram of risk

70% of ALL antibiotics sold in the United States are consumed by HEALTHY animals.  56% of Australian antibiotics are consumed by their healthy animals, and while not publishing the percentage of antibiotic use for their healthy animals New Zealand’s supports the needed continued use of antibiotics for “preventative or prophylactic use”

90 % of our our glands are sourced from Denmark, and unlike Australian, or New Zealand glands, Denmark is the only country that has been antibiotic, and growth hormone free for all bovine and and porcine glands since 1998.  This means that our glands are pure, untreated, and retain the best balance of naturally occurring hormones available on the market.  The last 10% are sourced from New Zealand. See our blog on Glandular Sources for more information on Denmark’s record.

Floods, droughts, fires, and earthquakes are major causes of adulteration in the food chain.

Through our Hazard Analysis Program we are able to block natural event adulteration’s. All raw ingredients have potential risk  of contamination, bioburden, and other dangers. By identification of such risks ahead of time, the mitigation process enables us to significantly reduce such hazards.  Priority One has developed a robust Hazard Analysis Program that does just that.

Our Quality Assurance team use this program to  identify hazards in the ingredient supply chain and then develop testing protocols unique to each ingredient.  These mitigation’s create targets for testing.  Designing a minimum of 1 upstream and one downstream precaution for each hazard that is identified. Our Hazard Analysis Review post called  “A peek into our rigorous vendor approval program” provides more information on how we block adulteration’s.

We do not rely on COA (Certificate of Analysis) from raw ingredient manufacturers. We test all raw ingredients for purity, potency, and well as environmental or bioburdens that may be present before we allow any raw materials be used in our manufacturing process. All ingredients are quarantined until they have been approved and released for production.


We realize our integrity in this regard is relied upon by yourself and your patients. With this in mind we are meticulous in our procuring, testing, verifying and producing the highest quality and clinical strength supplements, that you can stand behind with confidence.

Danielle Baumgart, President