Urgent Care for a Colleague


Dr. Andrea Patin ND, CG a graduate of SCNM and a previous student representative of Priority One has unfortunately experienced a setback in her life plans. Due to a genetic mutation that was not related to her diet and lifestyle she unexpectedly was rushed to the ER to find she need an immediate surgery with the result of a pacemaker.

With a recovery time of two months for emotional and physical healing, a family friend graciously set up a GoFundMe account. As Priority One became aware of her situation we thought it was important to share her story and help in any way we could.

As most naturopathic physicians know the debt incurred from an accredited naturopathic school such as SCNM and starting a brand new practice came be monumental financially. She is currently practicing in Texas. Her clinic is called Majestic Natural Health. She serves on the TXAND executive board and is a member of AANP & ASCP.

As a group we know that a little goes a long way, with a colleague down we can stand together and make a large difference for her at this time. Thank you for your support from Priority One Nutritional Supplements!