Stress B & C and Zinc Orotate are our 20% off in April

With Priority One’s Stress B & C and Zinc, environmental stressors won’t be a worry for you and your family! 

Stress B & C is a comprehensive formula to help you address an array of stress related response centers and aid in supporting your adrenal glands, nervous system, immune system, and even metabolism. Stress B & C is formulated to support skin, eyes, your gastrointestinal and brain functions as well.

Formulas include essential vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 & B-12. Stress B & C also provides a source niacin and biotin to promote balance of emotions during stress.
Folate, inositol, adrenal concentrate, Bitter Orange, PABA, and choline to continue to help you optimize your bodies ability to respond to stress.  

Zinc Orotate capsules are a clinically dosed supplement that supports antioxidant activity and plays an important role in strengthening the immune system. Our vegetarian capsules will help your body promote a healthy inflammation response and provide support to your immune system.

For the month of April, get Stress B & C and Zinc Orotate for 20% off . Additionally, we are offering a chance to win $100 gift certificate. Email us at with subject “APRIL ENTRY” for your entry in the drawing.

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