Reflux Soothe & Licorice Plus

Author: Ahmad Sleiman – UWS Student Representative

November is here, and with it comes the promise of hearty meals and gatherings with loved ones. But sometimes, the joy of feasting can be accompanied by indigestion and stomach discomfort. That’s where our November monthly special comes to the rescue: Reflux Soothe and Licorice Plus, now available at 20% off when you use the discount code YUMMY20. These two powerhouse supplements are designed to support your gastrointestinal health during the gathering season.

Reflux Soothe for Indigestion Relief

Reflux Soothe is a synergistic formulation that offers much-needed relief for indigestion. It combines vital ingredients to help soothe stomach acid, regulate stress hormones, and stimulate the body’s natural protective factors. One of the star ingredients is licorice root, which has been proven to help the body efficiently regulate the stress hormone cortisol. This cortisol-regulating effect can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from stress-induced indigestion.

Research has shown that licorice root can have a positive impact on adrenal function, potentially reducing the symptoms of stress-induced indigestion. So, if you find yourself struggling with indigestion during the hustle and bustle of the gathering season, Reflux Soothe could be your go-to solution.

Licorice Plus: Soothing Support for Your Gastrointestinal Tract

Licorice Plus is another fantastic option for soothing support to your gastrointestinal tract. These chewable tablets are not only easy to consume but also come in a delightful natural licorice flavour. Licorice Plus is designed to stimulate the body’s biological protective factors in your gastrointestinal tract, providing relief for occasional stomach discomfort, which can be all too common when you’re indulging in delicious holiday dishes.

What makes Licorice Plus especially remarkable is its ability to calm the digestive tract, making it an excellent choice for individuals who experience temporary digestive symptoms caused by stress and anxiety. The soothing effect of these chewable licorice tablets can help you feel more at ease and comfortable throughout the gathering season.This November, don’t let indigestion damper your enjoyment of family gatherings and festive feasts. Give your digestive system the support it needs with Reflux Soothe and Licorice Plus, and enjoy the season to the fullest. Remember to use the discount code YUMMY20 to get a 20% discount on these gastrointestinal heroes. Here’s to a season of good food, great company, and happy digestion!

Author: Ahmad Sleiman – UWS Student Representative

Love Your Liver

Holidays, weekends, social gatherings, special events, and even stressful situations often include alcohol.

The liver is a focus when it comes to alcohol consumption. This is partly because alcohol is broken down with the help of an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) in the liver, and also because the liver takes a big hit when alcohol is consumed in excess. When you drink heavy amounts of alcohol, the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme is not able to keep up with breaking the alcohol down proportionately and the excess alcohol wreaks havoc on the liver. Some of the major health concerns related to heavy alcohol consumption or binge drinking include alcoholic fatty liver disease, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer. 

Would you like a better balance with alcohol? If you have been relying on alcohol for mood and social support, or reliant on it for so long that you have grown tolerant or dependent on it – then doing a reset is a great way to help. A change like this can assist with alcohol abstinence, support the liver and a healthier, stress-free lifestyle.  

Using a combination of herbs and nutrients that address the adrenal glands and liver while at the same time help to decrease the cravings is a good way to get a whole-body reset. My favorite trio includes Priority One’s supplements Lithium, Priority Lipo, and Adrenoplex. Used in combination, they can help support normal elimination from the liver, provide nourishment and promote a healthy response to stress. 

Lithium – Research shows that lithium offers neuroprotective support and may offer neuronal protection from the effects of alcohol. Excess alcohol can lead to a loss of neurons, specifically in the central nervous system, and supplementing with lithium may decrease the extent of neuron apoptosis (programmed cell death). Low-dose lithium has also been shown to promote the abstinence of alcohol consumption. 

Priority Lipo – Is a formula that includes many amazing herbs and nutrients specific for liver support. The ingredients included are known to decrease inflammation, lower lipid levels, provide antioxidant support, and protect liver cells from damage. Plants like dandelion root, barberry, milk thistle, beet and green tea aid with reducing free radical damage, offer protection from oxidative stress, and reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Liver supporting Ayurvedic herbs as well as vitamin and mineral enzyme cofactors are also added.  

Adrenoplex – Includes the adaptogenic herb Eleuthero as well as Licorice which can help to extend the half-life of cortisol. It also contains vitamins A and C as well as the mineral Zinc which are important for a healthy immune response. Adrenal and pituitary glandulars are also added based on the concept pioneered by Dr. John Bastyr that glandular concentrates support like organs to maintain a healthy state. In combination, these nutrients help to maintain balanced cortisol levels, support the body’s natural immune response, and encourage a healthy stress response. 

For the month of April we are featuring 20% OFF Lithium, Priority Lipo & Adrenoplex!

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Organic Lithium Lithium supplement promotes a healthy state of wellbeing while supporting a healthy immune system.*

Priority Lipo Priority Lipo nourishes an already healthy liver.*

Adrenoplex Priority One’s Adrenoplex capsules, a whole gland adrenal with the benefit of pituitary and other supporting nutrients.*

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