NUNM Welcome Back Party

Joe & I were pleased to be in attendance at the NUNM Welcome Back Party on campus.

Welcome Back to NUNM

We enjoyed meeting many first year students, your excitement to get started in the naturopathic field and learn new things was evident in your comments. Welcome to the naturopathic community!

We are proud to announce our newest NUNM student representative Emma Petshow. She will be having monthly tabling events in the main student corridor. At these times she will be available to answer your questions, share samples with you and take your order.

Student Representative
Priority One’s NUNM Student Representative:         Emma Petshow

Priority One offers NUNM student’s a 25% off wholesale special while you are a student. If you chose for Emma to deliver your order on campus you will have free shipping as well.

Other specials that are available to you are:

Student Rewards Program- Upon graduation and conversion from a student to a physician account you will receive an account credit totaling 25% of your total orders as a student. Available upon request once graduated.

Graduation and New Clientele Special- Let us help you start your pharmacy. Priority One will match one order with up to $1,000 in free product.

You may download our catalog on our website and set up a student account online.

Priority One is a proud Silver Sponsor of NUNM.


We look forward to meeting you personally at events on campus this school year 2016-2017. #NUNM

Kacey Whitman, Vice-President of Business Development